GPS Kids Club is growing quickly because more people are choosing us to watch over their children than ever before.

You might be wondering what we have to offer that makes us such a unique, special, and caring provider.

Why Choose GPS Kids Club?

Not for Profit

We offer a unique services to the area as a Not for Profit company. Our focus isn’t on making you pay more or relying on crazy minimum attendance requirements. We simply want to provide you a convenient, friendly service and provide your kids with a healthy, safe, nourishing environment in which to thrive as they grow with us.

Unique Enrollment Fee Structure

All enrollment Fees are credited back to hardworking families and individuals, like yourself, towards attendance. Their primary function is to give you an opportunity to reserve a space for your child ahead of time.

DCF Approved School Age Children Provider for School Age Children

We are currently approved by the State of Kansas to care for 120 children as a School Age Program. Regular compliance checks of our staff and facility ensure a safe, secure, and healthy environment for your children. To learn more about what DCF compliance protocols are and how they benefit your children, please visit the Kansas Department of Health and Environment website.

Transportation Between Programs Included

GPS Kids Club will be responsible for supervision between programs. Transportation will be provided by USD 431 during inclement weather.

No Minimum Attendance Requirements

A common problem with many after school care options is are minimum attendance requirements which can be costly and inconvenient. GPS Kids Club has NO minimum attendance requirement. Once the necessary paperwork has been filled out, your child may begin attending immediately or on an as-needed basis. Please keep in mind space is limited.

CACFP Approved Meals and Snacks

GPS Kids Club is an active participant in the Child and Adult Care Food Program administered by the USDAs Food and Nutrition Service and State agencies. Every day, 3.3 million children receive nutritious meals and snacks through the CACFP program nationwide. To learn more about the CACFP program, click on the following link to visit the USDA FNS website.

Supervised Programs and Activities

Children are always under constant supervision during the range of programs and enrichment activities we offer. For details about specific programs and activities, visit our Curriculum Overview page.